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Flowers for Performers - When Presented

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

A friend of mine is acting in a play and I would love to give him flowers. Should I send flowers to him on the night of the musical or give them at curtain call? Do different flowers have different meanings? I am not sure of the etiquette.


Can you help me?

Dear Can you help me?

You can present your friend with flowers either way. You can send flowers to his dressing room the night of the play or present him with flowers after the play. Depending on the rules of the theater, you may not be allowed to be near the stage during curtain call, or the orchestra pit may make it prohibitive. After the play, you can also meet your friend in his dressing room or in the lobby and present him with flowers.

Your friend would appreciate any flowers. For ideas on the types of flowers preferred by men, see letter, Flowers for Men.