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Flowers and Their Meanings

The Society of American Florists ( provides the following list of flowers and their meanings:

Alstroemeria: aspiring

Amaryllis: dramatic

Anemone: fragile

Apple Blossom: promise

Aster: contentment

Azalea: abundance

Baby's Breath: festivity

Bachelor Button: anticipation

Begonia: deep thoughts

Black-Eyed Susan: encouragement

Camellia: graciousness

Carnation, Pink: gratitude

Carnation, Red: flashy

Carnation, Striped: refusal

Carnation, White: remembrance

Carnation, Yellow: cheerful

Chrysanthemum, Bronze: excitement

Chrysanthemum, White: truth

Chrysanthemum, Red: sharing

Chrysanthemum, Yellow: secret admirer

Cosmos: peaceful

Crocus: foresight

Daffodil: chivalry

Delphinium: boldness

Daisy: innocence

Freesia: spirited

Forget-Me-Not: remember me forever

Gardenia: joy

Geranium: comfort

Ginger: proud

Gladiolus: strength of character

Heather: solitude

Hibiscus: delicate beauty

Holly: domestic happiness

Hyacinth: sincerity

Hydrangea: perseverance

Iris: inspiration

Ivy: fidelity

Jasmine: grace and elegance

Larkspur: beautiful spirit

Lavender: distrust

Lilac: first love

Lily, Calla: regal

Lily, Casablanca: celebration

Lily, Day: enthusiasm

Lily, Stargazer: ambition

Lisianthus: calming

Magnolia: dignity

Marigold: desire for riches

Nasturtium: patriotism

Orange Blossom: fertility

Orchid: delicate beauty

Pansy: loving thoughts

Passion Flower: passion

Peony: healing

Poppy: consolation

Queen Anne's Lace: delicate femininity

Ranunculus: radiant

Rhododendron: beware

Rose, Pink: friendship

Rose, Red: passionate love

Rose, Red & White: unity

Rose, White: purity

Rose, Yellow: jealous

Snapdragon: presumptuous

Star of Bethlehem: hope

Stephanotis: good luck

Statice: success

Sunflower: adoration

Sweetpea: shyness

Tuberose: pleasure

Tulip, Pink: caring

Tulip, Purple: royalty

Tulip, Red: declaration of love

Tulip, White: forgiveness

Tulip, Yellow: hopelessly in love

Violet: faithfulness

Wisteria: steadfast

Yarrow: good health

Zinnia: thoughts of friends

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