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Flower Girl Dress Suggestions

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My six-year-old has been asked to be a flower girl in my best friend's wedding. We were told to get whatever flower girl dress we wished. Do we match the bridesmaids? If so, I am a little concerned with the sophistication of the dress, as the bridesmaids and bride are wearing strapless floor length gowns. Wouldn't a strapless gown be too sexy for a little girl?


Dress distress

Dear Dress distress,

The flower girl dress does not need to match the bridesmaids. Popular flower girl dresses are pretty frilly party dresses. But, if you wish to be similar to the bridesmaid dresses, but do not care for the strapless look on a little girl, then narrow straps can be added to the dress. The length of the dress can be the same length or shorter than the bridesmaid's dress.

There are a variety of color options for the flower girl dress. Traditionally, the flower girl dress color is white. Color can be added to the white flower girl dress with a sash, ribbons, or flowers that match or complement the bridesmaid's color gown. If you do not want a white dress, the flower girl dress can be a color similar or complementary to the bridesmaids.