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Food & Drinks To Avoid On First Date

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

On first dates, my mom says to not order spaghetti in a restaurant because it's so hard to eat. Are there other foods that should be avoided on a first date? I also burp a lot from sodas, so should I just drink water?


Anxious appetite

Dear Anxious appetite,

There is a list of foods that would be best to avoid on a first date and business lunch or dinner. You want to make a good impression, and first impressions are long lasting.

Generally, foods to be avoided are those that are messy, get stuck in your teeth, or cause bad breath. Avoid beverages that cloud judgment, alter behavior, or causes belching. You want to stay sharp and clear-headed during your date. Good beverages to drink on a first date are water, tea, or strawberry lemonade.

Food and Beverages to Avoid on a First Date or Business Meal:

1. Spaghetti and other long strand pastas in sauces - awkward to eat

2. BBQ Ribs - messy and bits get stuck in teeth

3. Fried chicken and buffalo wings - messy

4. Hamburgers, sandwiches, tacos - messy and awkward to eat

5. Seeds such as poppy or sesame - seeds get stuck in teeth

6. Dark leafy greens such as spinach - bits can get stuck in teeth

7. Corn on the cob - messy and bits get stuck in teeth

8. Crab or lobster in the shell - messy and awkward to shell

9. Onions and garlic - causes bad breath

10. Alcohol - clouds judgment, alters behavior

11. Energy drinks - contains caffeine and sugar which over-stimulates

12. Carbonated drinks - causes belching and bloating