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Engagement Announcement Information To Include

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I recently became engaged and would like to put an announcement in my parent's local newspaper. I have my Ph.D. and was wondering if I should make reference to it in the engagement announcement?


Thank you

Dear Thank you,

Yes, information about your education credentials can be included in your published engagement announcement.

Section targeting General guidelines for what to include in engagement announcements published in local newspaper are below. Before submitting, always obtain information from the newspaper about their guidelines, fees, and deadlines.

Information to include when publishing engagement announcement:

1. Career information: where currently employed.

2. Education: school currently attending, or from what school obtained degree and major.

3. Parent's names: Full name plus city of residence; include the state if the city is not well known. If parents no longer living, then include "the late" before their name. For example, the future groom is the son of Jane Doe and the late John Doe of Boston.

4. General wedding date: Do not give the exact date of the wedding. For example you only need to mention that a June wedding is planned. The reason to omit the exact wedding date is to avoid wedding crashers or advertising to burglars when you will not be home.

5. Photo: submit a photo according to the newspaper's specifications.

The above information for newspaper publication of engagement announcements is only a guideline. Some couples may wish to not include detailed personal information such as employment.