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ebay Addiction?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My friend frequents an online auction place called ebay, and is pretty much addicted to it. Do you think she has a problem? Is this is a safe way to buy things? How can online bidding be trusted?


Auction addict's friend

Dear Auction addict's friend,

Without knowing the specifics, it's hard to say if your friend is addicted or not. But, if she is in debt because of her purchases, stays connected to the computer instead of doing other needed activities, or becomes irritable if she's not able to be online, then she may very well be addicted.

Ebay is a reputable company, and offers ways to help guarantee a safe buying and selling environment. Sellers and buyers are from around the world. Items bought and sold can be just about anything such as toys, clothes, movies, cell phones, cars, and airplanes.

Ebay offers a safe way to pay for transactions via PayPal, an electronic payment provider. Buyers and sellers can leave feedback on transactions. So before buying an item, always check out the seller's feedback status and view some of the comments. In addition, always read descriptions of the items carefully, note the shipping and handling costs, and if you have any questions, then email the seller for answers before putting in a bid.

While great bargains can be found on ebay, before making a bid, always know what price the item is worth. Folks can get caught up in the bidding, and over-bid for an item that can be bought on sale for less from their local store.

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