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Eagle Scout Ceremony Gift Necessary?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

A work acquaintance invited us to his son's Eagle Scout ceremony. What is the proper etiquette, specifically, should we give a gift? If so, what type of gift?


Please Help

Dear Please Help,

Gift giving for any occasion is never required, but always appreciated. At the minimum, send a congratulatory card. If you wish to include a gift, but do not know the scout's interests, then a small cash gift would be fine.

The National Eagle Scout Association has an online gift shop of scout stuff for eagles with items such as cards, shirts, pins, bookmarks, paperweights at Also, it would be appropriate to ask your office mate who issued the invitation, suggestions for gifts that his son might enjoy.

According to the Boy Scouts of America National Council (, the Eagle Scout rank is the highest advancement rank in Scouting. Becoming an Eagle Scout is significant because few Scouts (about 5 percent) fulfill the requirements to advance to that level.