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Dress Repeated for Different Functions

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

Is it proper to wear the same evening dress to different functions? My daughter was married about a year ago, and I blew the budget and bought a beautiful gown. Next month my cousin's daughter will have a formal wedding, and I would like to wear the gown. However, both my daughters tell me it would be "tres gauche" to wear the gown to another wedding. The only guests who will have been at both weddings will be our two immediate families.


Advise Me

Dear Advise Me,

Because you love the dress, went over budget, and not considered immediate family to the bride-to-be, then wear it. However, change your look by adding or subtracting from the gown. Below are suggestions for changing the look of a dress if planning to wear it to another function:

1. Wrap: if the gown is sleeveless, then wear an evening wrap or shawl.

2. Jacket: add an evening jacket.

3. Jewelry: change jewelry from what you wore last time. For example, if you wore a strand of pearls before, then wear gold or silver next time.

4. Hairstyle: change your hairstyle. If you had your hair up, wear it down next time.

5. Shoes: wear different shoes. If you wore strappy sandals, wear closed toed heels next time.