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Dine On The Couch Is Fine

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I just came from another country a few months ago. A friend has helped me a lot in settling down, and I have been invited to their house a couple of times. I want to invite them to dinner/lunch. My apartment is small, and my dining table is very small. I was thinking of having the meal sitting on the sofa. Because I do not cook, I am going to order some food. Do you think it would be appropriate, or would it be better to invite them to a restaurant instead? Should I invite their children as well?



Dear Newcomer,

Casual dinners with friends can be very informal. If you do not have space at your dining table, but feel comfortable sitting in the living room to dine, then hosting dinner at your apartment is fine. If your friends have not yet seen your home, then invite them to see your place to have a bite to eat.

If you dine at home, you might let them know beforehand that it is going to be a very casual and fun dinner sitting on the couch. Parents always appreciate having their children invited even if they decide to not bring them.

Since your guests will be sitting on the couch, be sure to have food that can easily be eaten with a fork alone. Otherwise, it would be awkward to cut the food unless you had space in your living room area for individual TV tray tables.

Hopefully, you have a coffee table or end tables on which to set their drinks.