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Dinner Invitation After Commencement Dutch Treat

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

After commencement, I plan on going to a restaurant for dinner. I want to let people know that they are welcome to come to the restaurant with us to celebrate my success, but I do not plan on footing the bill. How do I let them know that they will be responsible for their own bill and not surprise or offend anyone?


Graduating Graduate

Dear Graduating Graduate,

Generally, if you were hosting a celebration dinner party, then you would also pay for the guests.

However, since this sounds like an informal come and join us if you can affair, then it is okay to have a no host dinner.

For a no host informal gathering after commencement, it is best to let people know informally either verbally or by email. You could simply say that everyone is gathering after commencement for a Dutch treat dinner at XXX restaurant at XXX date and time. You could also let folks know the range of dinner prices at the restaurant.

No mention should be made of gifts, and you should not expect any.