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Death Announcements Years Late

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee:

My father passed several years ago, and there are a few distant friends of his that I neglected to send announcements of his passing. My mother and I still receive Christmas cards from these friends. I have not met these friends of my father's, but they are so kind to send their cards each year. My mother agrees that it's really too late to tell them, and I am embarrassed and pained to tell them now. We still grieve for him, and putting pen to paper announcing his passing is still painful. What do you recommend?


Guilty but grieving

Dear Guilty but grieving,

While it is difficult to write about your father's passing, it must be done. Simply write a nice note that states you have appreciated their annual Christmas cards, but that your father has passed away. You do not need to go into any more details. You will feel relieved to have gotten this off your mind.