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Corsage Worn on Left, Depends on Dress

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

My boyfriend is getting me a corsage and I don't know if it goes on the right or left shoulder? I will have a spaghetti strap dress, so should it be pinned on the strap or on the top of the dress?


Corsage Q

Dear Corsage Q,

Corsages are typically pinned on the left side. Yes, for a spaghetti strapped dress, the corsage would be best pinned to the top of the bodice near the strap. The spaghetti strap is too thin to hold the corsage stable.

However, you can also pin the corsage at the waist of the dress, or you could opt for a wrist corsage instead. If you don't want to wear the corsage, it can be pinned to your purse if you plan to carry one.

For one shoulder dresses, the corsage would be pinned on the shoulder with the strap.