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Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Honored Couple

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am giving my parents a party for their 50th anniversary. There will be a table for the original "wedding party" that includes my parents, mom's maid of honor and her spouse, dad's best man and his spouse, and my brother and me.

Who else gets a corsage and boutonniere besides my parents - the other two in the original wedding party, but not their spouses?



Dear Help,

For a wedding anniversary, a corsage and boutonniere are for the honored couple, your parents. No one else needs to wear flowers.

However, if you wish to recognize your mom's maid of honor and your dad's best man with flowers, then be sure to make the corsage and boutonniere different from the honored couple's flowers. For example, if your mom has a rose corsage, then the maid of honor's corsage should be a smaller corsage with different flowers, perhaps carnations. Congratulations to your parents on this very special celebration.

It is not necessary to give specific types of flowers for wedding anniversaries, but for fun, below are some ideas for wedding anniversary flowers.