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Condolence Flowers Should be in Pot or Vase

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

A coworker's mother just died, and I would like to do send her a condolence card or flowers. If I send flowers, do I send them to the funeral home or to my coworker's home?



Dear Perplexed,

You can send flowers either to the funeral home or to your coworker's home. However, if you send flowers to your coworker's home, it should be a potted plant or flowers in a vase, not a funeral wreath, spray, nor memorial flower arrangement.

In addition, in Asian cultures, red is considered a symbol of happiness. So, keep in mind the ethnicity of the deceased. When in doubt, do not send red flowers.

Instead of flowers, a donation to a special charity or organization, in honor of the deceased, is always appreciated and often preferred. You can tell your coworker that you would like to make a charitable donation in her mother's name, and ask if her mother favored any particular organizations.