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Complimentary Close For Business Letters

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What is the preferred close to end a business letter? For example, would Thank you be okay?


Thank you

Dear Thank you,

Although Thank you is often used to close a letter, technically, it is not the proper way to end business correspondence. Thank you can be used when writing friends or informal emails.

There are many ways to close or end a business letter depending on how formal you wish to be. Three popular complimentary closings are Sincerely, Respectfully, and Best regards.

Below are some common complimentary closings. Please note that only the first word is capitalized and all end with commas.

Common Complimentary Closes for Business Letters

1. Sincerely,

2. Respectfully,

3. Best regards,

4. Best wishes,

5. Kind regards,

6. Yours truly,

7. Warm regards,

8. Sincerely yours,

9. With many thanks,

10. Respectfully yours,