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Collared Shirt Invitation Unclear

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My husband and I have been invited to a 50th birthday party at a country club, and the dress has only been specified at collared shirt/no jeans. This mainly specifies attire for men. Could you possibly give me guidelines as to what would be appropriate for a woman? Is a sparkly sweater passe? Would most women be wearing slacks?



Dear Help,

Collared shirt/no jeans may indicate business casual or dressy casual attire. Since the invitation did not say open collar, then tie is optional. With open collar men would not wear a tie.

A sparkly sweater might be a little dressy. But, it would be fine to ask the host what attire would be appropriate.

Generally, attire for business casual or dressy casual is outlined below.

For men: collared cotton shirt, polo shirt, khaki pants, slacks, tie optional, sport coat optional, loafers, casual dress shoe.

For women: simple dress, skirt knee length or longer, nice slacks, khaki pants, blouse, knit top, nice sandals, flats, or low heels.