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Clergy Cost to Perform Wedding Vows

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

How much should we offer our pastor for performing the renewal vows ceremony for my parent's 50th Anniversary party?



Dear Wondering,

It would be fine to ask the pastor if there is a set price for performing the ceremony. In addition, if the ceremony is performed in the church, then there could be a charge for use of the church. However, if your parents are members of the church, then there may not be any cost for using the church.

If the pastor does not give you a fee amount, then use your own judgment. For either wedding vows or renewal vows, some considerations that should be taken into account to help determine pastor payment:

1. Does the pastor help write the renewal vows?

2. How much time did he spend helping prepare the ceremony?

3. Does he attend the rehearsal?

4. Does he have to travel to perform the ceremony?

How much you pay the pastor depends on your location, denomination, and the clergy. However, $100 is probably a minimum and could be upwards to $500 or more depending on how much you wish to offer to the pastor.