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Centerpiece Ideas

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Do you think floral arrangements make the best table centerpieces?


Need Second Opinion

Dear Need Second Opinion,

Generally, floral and candle centerpieces are classic arrangements for formal dinners. However, there can be a variety of items used for centerpieces depending on the theme, i.e. for an Easter dinner, bowls of colorful Easter eggs can be the centerpiece. For a fall theme, mini-pumpkins and gourds can be the centerpiece. If using multiple containers, then use different shapes and heights. Below are some centerpiece ideas.

Centerpiece Ideas:



Candles standing or floating

Candy bouquets

Confetti sprinkled around table top

Decorative boxes

Eggs (colored, designs)

Figurines, crystal, porcelain

Flowers in vases or floating

Fruit basket

Gingerbread house

Glass balls


Ice Sculpture (small)

Menu item, i.e. the salad, rolls, or lovely dessert


Pine cones, acorns, berries, peppers

Plants, potted flowers, herbs, bonsai, lucky bamboo

Pumpkins (mini), Gourds

Rose petals sprinkled around table top



Vegetable basket

Wine or champagne bottles