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Breakfast Most Important Meal of the Day

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

My two teenagers are always running late for the school bus, so leave the house without breakfast even though I keep cereal, juice, fruit and a variety of other breakfast items stocked in the house. I've told them repeatedly that breakfast is important, but they don't listen. They already get up so early, that I don't want to deprive them of any more sleep. Do you have any information about breakfast and it's importance that I can convey to my daughters?



Dear Concerned,

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for everyone. Many studies have found a relationship between eating breakfast and learning ability, attention span, and general well-being. The American Dietetic Association ( reports that adults who eat breakfast have an easier time losing weight. Children who regularly eat breakfast think faster, clearer, solve problems more easily, and are less likely to be irritable.

Breakfast is important for all ages, not just children. Other studies point to a connection between skipping breakfast with weight gain and memory impairment in young and older adults.

If your school has a lunch program, then it most likely has a breakfast program. Your teenagers could have breakfast at school before classes start. Another alternative would be for your daughters to take breakfast with them on the bus. Items such as a carton of juice or milk, along with yogurt, fruit like bananas or apples, bagels, bread, toasted plain waffles, granola bar, or just a small bag of dry cereal can be eaten easily on the bus.

For more information about the importance of breakfast go to the American Dietetic Association at