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Bridal Bouquet Toss Alternative

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Two of my bridesmaids are single and do not want to participate in the bridal bouquet toss. They feel it is demeaning to be singled out and have to catch a bouquet in this manner, especially when there will be only a few single women at my wedding. Should I still have the bouquet toss or skip it?


Tradition tacky?

Dear Tradition tacky,

Traditionally, only unmarried women would gather for the bridal bouquet toss. The person who caught the bouquet would be the next to marry.

However, there are alternatives the traditional bridal bouquet toss. One is that you can skip the bouquet toss. But, if you still wish to have something involving the toss bouquet, then the bridal bouquet toss can be done in a variety of manners with different meanings. Some suggestions are below.


1. Bouquet bundles: if you have very few single females, then you can have the toss bouquet separated into several small bundles and hand one to each single female.

2. Single flowers: if you have a smaller wedding, then single flowers from the toss bouquet can be handed to every female guest.

3. Wish toss: include all females, single and married, who will make a silent wish before the bouquet is tossed. The "wish will come true" for the person who catches the bouquet.

4. Engaged Friend: skip the toss, but hand the toss bouquet to a special friend who is engaged.

5. Married couples: hand the toss bouquet to the longest married couple.

6. Mother and Mother-in-law: the toss bouquet can be split in half and handed to your mother and mother-in-law.

7. Grandparents: hand the toss bouquet to your grandparents.

8. Remembrance: save the toss bouquet for someone who was very special to you in his or her memory.