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Boned Meat Cut First

Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My wife believes that it is appropriate to eat pork chops with your fingers because it is on the bone, just like chicken. My stand is that it doesn't matter that it is on or off the bone. Pork chops should be cut with a knife before eaten. Which is the proper way to teach our three children?



Dear Debating,

All boned meat (chicken, pork, veal, lamb) should be eaten with a fork and knife until as much meat is taken off the bone as possible. Then depending on the location such as at home, a picnic, barbecue, or fast food restaurant, the meat can be picked up to finish eating off the bone.

However, teach your children that when dining in a nice restaurant, they should not pick up boned meat with their fingers. Cut all boned meat, including chicken. Only cut one or two pieces at a time. Some meat will be left on the bone, but leave it on the plate that way.