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Blogging Etiquette - 10 Basic Rules

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Aren't there basic conduct rules when blogging? For example, one person who is on our blog is rather rude and critical of other people's comments. People seem to be tolerant and reply to him in a civil manner. But, his impoliteness continues. Would it be improper to request that he leave the website?


Had it

Dear Had it,

Having a strong opinion on a topic is fine, but personal attacks are never acceptable in any weblog.

You can try to ignore his postings, but he will probably chime in on other posts. If his behavior has become intolerable to you, then others on the weblog probably also feel the same. You can email the host of the weblog to request that this rude person be given a warning. If the behavior continues, then the host can request that the person discontinue posting. If the person continues to post, the host can block him or delete his postings.

Some people think that it is okay to act rudely online because they are anonymous. Even if folks know who they are, they might feel safe acting discourteously because they are hiding behind their computer screen and not in a face-to-face or in person confrontation.

Weblogs can be a very informative and fun way to share ideas, knowledge, and opinions. Following these simple guidelines for basic blogging etiquette will make the experience more enjoyable.

10 Basic Blogging Etiquette Rules

1. Respect the views of other bloggers. You can have a dissenting opinion and still be respectful. Before you hit submit, re-read your entry.

2. Never reply with personal attacks. Discuss issues in a mature manner.

3. Refrain from using foul or vulgar language; it turns people off.

4. Apologize if you make a mistake or give erroneous information.

5. Use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation. This is not text messaging or IM'ing.

6. Do not correct other blogger's spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

7. Lurking: it is okay to lurk (read other posts without commenting). When a post inspires you to post, then do so.

8. Respond to comments or questions about your post. If your answer is too personal or off topic, then email a reply directly to that person instead of posting a comment.

9. Always reference material from other sources, and if taken from an online webpage, then provide a link to it.

10. Think before you post any information that you do not want the world to see. The blogosphere is global and open to the public.