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Birthday Cake Leftover, Who Gets It?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I and four other condo owners who live in the same complex had a small get together at my condo for an informal surprise birthday party gathering. I bought a cake, ice cream, beverages, and some other snacks. Two other people brought over some small item to eat. When it was time for everyone to go, one of the guests thought the birthday boy should take the cake with him. There was a lot of leftover cake because I had bought a large half sheet cake. So, I suggested we get together the next day and all have more cake.

Now, years later the others have never let it go and still rib me about it saying that I must really like cake or something to not just give the cake to the birthday boy. I did offer that he could take a few pieces with him, just not the entire leftover cake.

Was I wrong? Should I have offered him the entire rest of the cake?


Cake concerns

Dear Cake concerns,

Generally, when there is plenty of leftover cake to go around, pieces are distributed to the guest of honor and other guests who would like to take a piece home. You offered the birthday boy a few pieces of cake and that was appropriate.