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Beach Etiquette Basics

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

While sunbathing on the beach, another couple spread their towels very close to ours. Not many people were on the beach that morning, so they could have moved several more feet away. It annoyed us, so we moved our towels. Is there a rule about how close to lay your towel to another party on the beach?



Dear Annoyed, Section targeting

There are some basic rules of consideration when setting up on the beach. Choosing a spot far enough away from others is one, especially if the beach is not yet crowded.

10 Tips for Beach Etiquette:

1. Space: keep a good distance from others when setting up.

2. Do Not Block the View: if you have a tent, fence, or beach umbrella, do not set up in front of others already there.

3. Keep it Quiet: Do not play loud boom boxes, keep voices down.

4. Do Not Litter: the beach can be breezy, keep trash from blowing away.

5. Clean Up: your spot should be left clean when you leave.

6. Plastic or Paper Only: No glass items should be at the beach.

7. Respect the Environment: park and hike in designated areas only.

8. Play Away from Sun Bathers: when playing Frisbee, ball, or games do so in areas where sand will not be kicked onto others.

9. Supervise: children, and pets if allowed, should be supervised at all times.

10. Follow the Rules: review rules posted at the beach. They are for your own safety.