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Anti-Aging Eyeliners May Diminish Fine Wrinkles

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am noticing that my eyelids are getting crepey little wrinkles where I apply my eye liner. I use a kohl pencil eyeliner. Is this causing my wrinkly eyelids?


Liner to reduce lines

Dear Liner to reduce lines,

Kohl eye liner should be fine as it glides on easily and does not tug on your eyelids. The eyeliner is probably not the cause of the wrinkles. The sun and aging are the main causes of wrinkles.

To help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the eyelid gently pat some anti-wrinkle cream with an SPF of at least 15 on the lids before applying eye makeup. In addition, you can try using eyeshadows and eyeliners that have retinol (vitamin A) and/or vitamins C (ascorbyl palmitate), E (tocopheryl), or other anti-aging ingredients. See letter below for anti-wrinkle eye shadow suggestions. Brown or black eye shadow can also be used as an eyeliner.

Eyeliners with anti-aging ingredients that received overall high average ratings from consumers at,,, and are below. These eyeliners contain anti-aging ingredients, but were mainly rated for smooth application, smudge-proof, and long lasting qualities rather than any anti-aging properties.

10 TOP ANTI-AGING EYELINERS (alphabetical)

1. Avon ANEW Beauty Smoothing Eyeliner, with retinol

2. Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear All Day Eyeliner, vitamins C and E

3. Josie Maran Eye Liner, vitamin E

4. Korres Eyeliner Pencil, vitamins C and E

5. Laura Geller Eye Rimz, vitamins C and E

6. Laura Mercier Eye Liner, vitamins C and E

7. Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner with vitamin E

8. nvey Organic Cake Eyeliner with vitamins C and E

9. Redpoint StayPut Eyeliner Pencil with Sharpener; has an anti-aging TriPeptide complex

10. Too Faced Lava Gloss Eye Liner, "with cocoa bean to hydrate the skin and condition the base of the lashes, promoting thicker, more luxurious growth" (Sephora, 2009).

To read the reviews, go to,,, and