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Anti-Aging Eye Shadows May Smooth Wrinkles

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I use an anti-wrinkle eye cream before putting on my eye shadow, and my eyelids look fine until I put on eye shadow. The eyeshadow seems to be drying out my eyelids and shows up the tiny little wrinkles on my lids. I cannot go without eyeshadow. Is there such thing as an anti-wrinkle eye shadow?


Looking for new products

Dear Looking for new products,

Anti-wrinkle creams or makeup will not permanently remove wrinkles, but they may help diminish the appearance of lines or creepiness, smooth and condition the skin. Look for products with anti-aging ingredients such as vitamins A (retinol), C (ascorbyl palmitate or tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate), E (tocopheryl acetate), and other antioxidants.

Anti-aging eye shadows that have received generally positive ratings by consumers at,,,, or are listed below.

10 Top Rated Anti-Aging Eye Shadows (alphabetical

1. Avon ANEW Beauty Eye Lifting Serum Shadow, website does not list the ingredients, but states that a clinical study found 75% of the women had a reduction in fine wrinkling after 8 weeks (

2. Biotherm Play On Velvet Eye Shadow contains a vitamin blend and mineral rich thermal spring water

3. DuWop ShadowLift Anti-Aging Eyeshadow contains pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin C and E.

4. Lauren Hutton Brazil Makeup Trio contains fruit extracts.

5. Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duos contains natural soy, silk powder and vitamins A, C, & E.

6. NVEY ECO Organic Shadow contains chamomile and vitamins C and E.

7. Signature Club A Colloidal Gold Ultra Creamy Powder Eyeshadow contains aloe and vitamin E.

8. Sephora Colorful Chrome Mono Eyeshadow contains green tea.

9. Tarte Lock & Roll Creaseless Eyeshadow Duo contains vitamin E.

10. Wei East Flawless by Nature Accent & Contour Eyeshadow contains Chinese herbs.

For more information and to read the reviews on anti-aging eyeshadows, go to,,,, and

Cosmetics Cop provides a dictionary of cosmetic ingredients where you can look up the ingredients listed on an item to see if it is an antioxidant or what purpose it serves in the product: