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Sitting and Standing Elegantly

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Is there a way to sit down in a long evening gown so as to look more refined?


Sitting Pretty

Dear Sitting Pretty,

Yes, it's very simple to sit elegantly whether in an evening gown or in jeans. Here are the basic steps below.

How to Elegantly Sit and Stand From Chair

1. Walk toward the chair or couch and stand directly in front of it.

2. Without looking backwards or down, back up slightly towards the chair, feel the chair gently with your leg.

3. Then, while keeping your back straight, gently sit down onto the front of the chair.

4. Slide back onto the seat a little more, but keep feet on the floor.

5. Keep your knees together and either tuck one foot behind the other or keep your ankles together. Feet can be slightly to the side.

To stand up, uncross your ankles, place your feet flat in front of you. Slide forward until you are at the edge of the chair. Keeping your back straight, stand up.