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Shopping Snob Coworker

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Whenever I wear anything new to work, my coworker asks me where I bought it. When I tell her, she says, "Oh, I never shop at those types of places." My coworker only shops at the high end retail department stores. I shop at many different stores, and often find something nice at a great price at the discount-type stores. I never know how to respond when she makes those comments. Do you have any suggestions?


Feeling put down

Dear Feeling put down,

Yes, every time your coworker makes that type of comment to you about her "not shopping at those types of stores", kindly reply, "yes, well it does take a smart shopper to be able to shop at those stores."

This is quite true, too. To be able to find quality merchandise, at great prices, takes some shopping around. Sounds like you are not wasting your money, like your coworker who only shops exclusively at the high end shops.