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Secrets Some Best Kept in Past

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I've been dating a wonderful guy who thinks I'm wonderful. We've even talked of marriage. The problem is that I have a past that includes drugs, numerous boyfriends, and an abortion. I'm totally clean of drugs and have been working steady for the past 3 years. Should I tell my boyfriend about my past or keep it secret?



Dear Secrets,

You have made mistakes in your past, learned from them, and have changed your life for the better. Your past mistakes occurred before you met your boyfriend, so he doesn't need to know your entire past life. Some private matters, such as all your former boyfriends are really none of his business. The drug use and an abortion would be discussed if you have any medical conditions arising from using drugs or having had an abortion.

Other secrets that should always be discussed include prior marriages or a child given up for adoption or custody.

Remember, what you are today is what really matters.