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10 Tips to Making a Good Impression

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee

I've known this girl in school for about a year. We've just been friends, but lately she's acting like she'd like to go out with me. But, before she can go out with anyone, her parents have to meet them. She's asked me over to dinner, but so far I've made up some kind of excuse. How can I make a good impression when I meet her parents? I need to show them that they can trust me with their daughter.



Dear Scared,

Gaining trust takes time and involves showing responsibility. Since you want to gain the trust of your girlfriend's parents, here are 10 tips to Making a Good Impression that will help:

1. Dress neatly and cleanly.

2. Arrive on time.

3. Always greet both parents in a friendly and respectful manner.

4. If dining at their house, be sure and compliment the cook. Eat slowly, and clean up after yourself. Offer to help with the dishes. Remember to thank them for the nice dinner.

5. Be on time, or early, when bringing their daughter home. If you're going to be late in getting their daughter home, always call and let them know.

6. Never drink if you are underage or take any illegal drugs.

7. If you are of drinking age, never drink and drive. Never overindulge in drinking even if not driving.

8. Work hard in school, get good grades. Be involved in school activities.

9. Be involved in a variety of community service organizations.

10. When visiting your girlfriend, don't overstay your welcome. Depart at the appropriate time or curfew hour, without having to be told.