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Mother-In-Law Causes Diaper Rash

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My mother-in-law will be visiting us for a week and wants to take care of our baby when she's here. The problem is when she visited 6 months ago and took care of our baby while I worked, our daughter had her first and only case of diaper rash because my mother-in-law didn't change her diaper frequently enough. My mother-in-law thinks kids should get used to wet diapers, let them sit in it, or they will be spoiled. After our daughter got diaper rash, my mother-in-law only replied that every baby gets diaper rash and it won't hurt them. She also said that the cloth diapers were the cause, not how she took care of the baby. My husband had nicely asked her to change our daughter's diaper more often, but she just curtly replied that she raised three kids and knows what she's doing.

Also, after my mother-in-law left, it was a hassle for me to take our daughter to the pediatrician when the rash didn't clear up, then have to put the medication on our daughter to get rid of the rash. She was very fussy until it cleared up.

So, what can be done for this upcoming visit? Could it be the cloth diapers? Should I keep our daughter in daycare?


Dreading this visit

Dear Dreading this visit,

Just because it's common for babies to get diaper rash, doesn't mean that it's okay to let them get it. Since this was your daughter's only case of diaper rash, then your cloth diapers are not the problem. The problem is your mother-in-law not wanting to change diapers.

If there are no other health or safety issues involved, then let your mother-in-law take of her grandchild during her visit. She won't change her style of childcare, so you'll have to change the type of diaper you use when she comes. Fortunately, there are disposable diapers that will help protect against diaper rash. Look for breathable diapers with super absorbency to draw liquid away, and has a liner to protect your baby's skin from moisture. With these disposables, your daughter, hopefully, won't get diaper rash during your mother-in-law's visit.