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Fiance Overly Polite to Other Women?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

While entering a restaurant with my fiance, he held open the first of two doors for me and two other attractive, unescorted females who arrived at the same time. This left me in an awkward and uncomfortable position due to my approaching the second door and having to wait a few seconds for him to arrive at this second door and open it for me, and these two females.

Am I wrong to assume that I, as his date, should have been his first priority and that it would have been proper etiquette for him to have simply held the door from closing on them? Also, the fashion we arrived in did cause a little confusion to the host as to who arrived with whom.

Am I just insecure and jealous or do I have a legitimate concern over what I consider as his over-politeness to other women in public?

P.S. He always insists on my waiting for him to open doors.


Jealous or Overreacting?

Dear Jealous or overreacting,

The double door situation creates awkwardness because even if you were the only one for whom your fiance was opening the doors, you would still have to wait a moment for him to get to the second door and open it.

In double door situations, it is actually a nice gesture for the person for whom the first door was held open, to then go ahead and open the second door for those following.

Opening doors is not limited to only one gender. Both males and females can open doors for people, especially if they have packages, small children, are elderly, etc.

If your fiance goes out of his way to open doors only for attractive, unescorted females, then I'd say there was a problem. Otherwise, he is just being polite.