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Passion Party Host Responsibilities

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My friend and I are planning a girls night out and hosting a "Passion Party." At the party a consultant will present items from her catalogue of adult toys, lotions, and lingerie.

We are providing hot hors d'oeuvres and other snacks plus soda pop. However we asked our guests to bring their own alcohol. Later, we retracted the request, but we did ask some of our quests to bring a snack dish.

Some of the guests felt that we are asking too much from them by requesting that they buy catalogue items on top of food and drinks. However, we feel that if they intend on drinking alcoholic beverages, then they should provide their own. Was this okay for us to request of our guests, or should we foot the bill on the whole event?


Feeling frustrated

Dear Feeling frustrated,

If hosting a party such as Passion Party or Tupperware party where guests are expected to buy items, then the host should provide all food and beverage.

However, as the host, you decide what to serve. If serving alcohol is too expensive, then serve whatever beverage that you can afford. Having finger foods and soda at the party should be fine.