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Online Dating Service Can Lead to Marriage - The Top 5

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My best friend has a big birthday coming up. She will be turning 30, and she is an unattached single female who has not had much luck with any of the guys that I have set her up with. One gift idea suggested by a coworker was a gift certificate to an online dating service. At first I thought that would be a good joke, but then wondered if maybe this type of thing could lead to a relationship. Can someone find a husband this way? Any recommendations?


Matchmaking friend

Dear Matchmaking friend,

There are many online dating services available with varying costs and requirements to join. Many members at these online sites have started relationships and have even become married. Before purchasing a gift certificate for your friend, research several companies thoroughly.

Rankings often change, but the top five Internet dating services by are:



2. eHarmony

3. howaboutwe

4. AdultFriendFinder