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Loud Neighbors Upstairs

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Help! I am writing you at 2:30 AM because the upstairs apartment is having LOUD ...(ahem) conjugal relations. The worst part is the bed springs - they are loud, creaky and squeaky and let's just say I know every detail. I've tried earplugs but the creaking can still be heard. I can still hear them in my 2nd room (I'm not kidding!) I'm considering leaving a note on her door to buy new box springs. How do I handle this? How can I sleep through the night?



Dear Sleepless,

Yes, leave your upstairs neighbor a nice note letting them know about the thin walls (in this case floor) of the apartment, and how you, unfortunately, can hear the squeaky box springs. If this does not get results, then let the apartment manager know of your sleepless nights.

In the meantime, get a good pair of earplugs to help muffle the sound so that you can sleep. The final step would be to ask the manager to find you another apartment in the complex, preferably on the top floor. Sleep deprivation is not healthy. Getting a good night's sleep is very important. Good luck.