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Anti-Aging Face Make-Up Tips

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

How do I put on make-up to help make my face look 10 years younger?


Mom needs make-up

Dear Mom needs make-up,

Besides getting enough sleep and staying out of the sun, make-up can help enhance your look and take years off your face. Always wear a moisturizer before applying make-up, and look for anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products that can help diminish fine lines. If needed, a foundation can even out skin tone.

In brief below are five anti-aging makeup tips from makeup artist, Bobbi Brown (Brown cited in, 2005).


1. Blush: sweep blush on the apple of your cheek (meatiest part when you smile). Brush in a circular motion out toward your hairline to avoid streaks.

2. Lipstick: avoid dark lipstick. Wear soft, vibrant tones such as berry, rose, or apricot to add a splash of color and make lips look larger. Then dab gloss in the center of the lower lip to reflect light and give the illusion of fullness.

3. Powder: dust powder only where needed, usually your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin). Otherwise, face powder settles into skin, highlighting rather than hiding winkles.

4. Eye Shadow: avoid frosted eye shadow. Wear shimmer or sheen shadows that are finely milled and less likely to settle in creases.

5. Eyeliner: avoid bottom heavy eyeliner, which makes eyes look tired. The upper lids should look a tad more intense than the bottoms to frame and make eyes pop.

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