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Housecleaning Not Good Enough for Mom

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am married, work part-time, and have a 5-year old daughter. My mother visits about once a week and always has a comment about my housekeeping. I try to keep the house tidy and clean, but it's not good enough for my mom, whose house is always perfect. She has an eagle eye for the "dust bunnies" or anything not totally spotless. Last week she noticed that the blinds needed dusting. I grit my teeth and say nothing. Should I defend myself?


Housecleaning not a priority

Dear Housecleaning not a priority,

Your signature says it all, and from your busy lifestyle, I'd say your priorities were just fine. Your mother may keep her house perfect for a number of reasons, from not being busy enough or being brought up to feel housekeeping was the priority.

Every time she comments on your housecleaning, kindly remind her that you work and have a 5-year old to take care of. Also, tell her nicely, that if the "dust" bothers her so much, then she should feel free to go ahead and dust! Don't feel guilty if she actually takes you up on it and starts dusting. She must really feel the need to help out. If she doesn't take you up on it, hopefully, she'll stop making those rude comments about your housecleaning.