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Home Tour Feels Like Invasion of Privacy

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We are having a couple over for dinner for the first time, and my husband says that we have to show them every room in our home. Apparently, my husband and his coworker have been discussing the details of our remodeling.

Not only will I have to clean every room before the weekend, but also I am very uncomfortable with a home viewing. Is it necessary to give people a tour of our home?



Dear Overexposed,

No, it is not necessary nor should it be expected that you give a tour of your home.

If your husband has been discussing the remodeling with his coworker, then perhaps that is why your husband feels a home tour is needed. However, you could confine the viewing to only the remodeled areas, not the entire house.

Generally, with family and close friends, a home tour may be given if one has recently moved to a new place. People are just naturally curious about a new home. But, even in this case, is someone is not comfortable with showing every room, then do not. Just walk through the main areas of the house and yard.