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Heels Rough - Buff and Bag Balm

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My feet have very dry rough heels with little cracks starting. My lotion does not seem to help. Is there a special cream or lotion to soften heels? I will be going to a dinner party and wearing sling backs and want my heels to look nice.



Dear Desperate,

An effective method to remedy dry cracked heels is to first reduce the thickness around the heel by buffing with a pumice stone or lightly buff your heels with medium sandpaper. Then apply Bag Balm ointment to your heels. Because the ointment is very greasy, it would be best to use this product at night and put socks over your feet. You should notice improvement in a day or two, perhaps by the next morning. Keep using the Bag Balm as needed.