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Fitness Club Etiquette

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I just joined a fitness club, and wondered if there were any etiquette rules that I need to know about?



Dear Newbie,

There are general guidelines when using a gym or fitness club, but always feel free to ask the gym coordinator for tips as well. Learn the proper use of equipment and follow the rules of the gym. You will be in an enclosed area, so be considerate of others by keeping noise to a minimum and put cell phones on silent. Below are some etiquette guidelines when using the gym.

10 Fitness Club Etiquette Guidelines

1. Bring a towel with you and wipe off equipment after use.

2. Share equipment in between sets.

3. Return equipment to its proper place.

4. If listening to music, use headphones in order to not disturb others.

5. Staying hydrated is important, but do not leave your water bottle lying around. Take it with you to the different stations.

6. Turn cell phones off.

7. Do not stare at others working out.

8. Do not grunting loudly and avoid clanging of equipment.

9. Wear clean workout clothes and have good personal hygiene.

10. Keep conversations to a minimum, but if you must talk, do so quietly and be polite.