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Eyelash Extensions Popular Alternative to Mascara

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I no longer have naturally full lashes because I cleaned my waterproof mascara off too vigorously and in the process, many of my lashes came out. My officemate suggested wearing false eyelashes until my real lashes grow out. But, the idea of hassling with fake eyelashes doesn't appeal to me. I can keep using mascara, but I am afraid that more lashes will fall out.


Mascara mistake

Dear Mascara mistake,

False eyelashes would be the least expensive way to allow your natural lashes to grow back out. However, the fake eyelashes should be removed nightly, and there is the possibility of accidentally pulling out more natural lashes in the process.

Another alternative to mascara are eyelash extensions that would look more natural and are semi-permanent, lasting about 1-3 months. Individual lashes are attached to an existing natural lash. The lash extensions should be applied by a trained professional, and the cost could be anywhere from $150 to $500 with touch ups costing about $50 every couple months.