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Exiting Car Properly With Short Skirt

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What's up with those female celebrities flashing when getting out of their car? How does one gracefully exit a car with a short skirt?


Skirt Issues

Dear Skirt Issues,

Section targeting Celebrities are under the microscope and photographed constantly. Keeping knees together is the most important tip. A controversial photo will get published. However, both knees and ankles should be kept together in order to gracefully enter or exit a car in a skirt.

Basic steps for entering or exiting a car gracefully with a short skirt:


1. Open the door.

2. Stand next to the seat.

3. Keep knees and ankles together and sit at the edge of the seat.

4. Slide body back into the seat as far as possible.

5. With knees and ankles together, swing legs and body toward the front of the seat.

6. Close the door and make any necessary adjustments.


1. Pull skirt over legs as far as possible.

2. Slide body toward the front edge of the seat, keeping skirt pulled over legs.

3. Open the door.

4. Keep knees and ankles together and slowly swing both legs and body toward the open door.

5. Still keeping knees and ankles together, place feet onto the ground.

6. If someone is not there with an extended hand, then use the side of the seat to help push oneself out.

7. Stand up slowly.