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Breast Cancer and Bras

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

My sister told me about this book, "Dressed To Kill," and I am very alarmed that the information in this book has not gotten out to the general public. According to the book, wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer. Why is this the first that I've heard of it?


Going Braless

Dear Going Braless,

Just because someone has written a book, doesn't mean that it's true. This book, written in 1994, has not gained credibility because there is no scientific evidence that links breast cancer with wearing a bra. The book does not report the results of a scientific study, but only a survey questionnaire sent to a sample of women. Regarding bras and breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society (, "There is no scientific or clinical basis for that claim." Wearing a bra will not increase your chances of breast cancer, so do not go braless for that reason.

Scientific studies have identified risk factors that increase a woman's chance of developing breast cancer. The most frequently cited risk factors for breast cancer are genetics, family history and age. However, having a risk factor does not necessarily mean that a person will get the disease. In addition, it is still not known what actually causes breast cancer.

For more detailed information about breast cancer and the risk factors go to the Amercian Cancer Society website at or the National Cancer Institute at