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Breast Size Not Important - Inner Beauty Is

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My 15-year-old daughter has her eye on a spaghetti strap dress with a bodice and ballgown type skirt. However, the dress makes her chest seem even smaller. She wants to increase her breast size so the dress will look better. I told her to let nature take its course, but she is convinced that this cream she saw advertised in a magazine will help. I've told her that is a gimmick, but she won't listen, and keeps nagging. Is there anything she can do to enlarge her breasts so the dress will fit better?



Dear Wondering,

It's only natural that adolescent girls worry about their breast size. Tell your daughter that she is still developing and will be until about age 19. Keep emphasizing the importance of developing her mind and her inner qualities, not her body. (See paragraphs below about INNER BEAUTY). Women who have not gotten past this adolescent phase about breasts often take drastic unnecessary measures to increase their size.

Regarding the dress: A spaghetti strap dress needs to fit just right to look good, regardless of breast size. The straps can't be too long, and the bodice should have a good fit, not loose. Also, try buying a strapless bra and see if that helps. If the back of the dress is too low for a bra, you can buy bra cups from a fabric store and sew those in the front for modesty and shape, or purchase adhesive bra cups.

Regarding the lotion: Breast size is mainly determined by genetics and body weight. Breasts are made up of fat, mammary glands, and ligaments. There is no lotion or cream that will increase breast size. Exercising the chest increases the muscles under the breast, not the breasts themselves.


Instead of worrying about her breast size, tell her she's beautiful the way she is. Explain how inner beauty is what counts. If she's worried about how she appears to boys, tell her that any boy worth caring about, won't care about her breast size.

It's not how you look, it's how you are. Inner beauty is about self-esteem, taking care of yourself, eating right, exercising, developing one's mind, having hobbies and interests, being kind, considerate, and thoughtful of others. Inner beauty is what keeps guys interested, not breast size.