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Velvet Is Seasonless

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Over the summer, I wore a sleeveless black velvet knee-length dress to a formal evening party at my boss's house. However, during the party, a co-worker whispered to me that velvet was a "no-no" unless worn between October and March. I felt so self-conscious after that, even though I noticed two others in velvet. Is she correct? Was I in breach of etiquette? It's been bothering me ever since.



Dear Bothered,

Wearing velvet only during certain months of the year for special occasions is an outmoded concept. Velvet is a year 'round classic for formal evening functions, especially with the newer light stretchy fabrics available. Although velvet is most often seen in the fall/winter months during the holiday season either in the daytime or evening, velvet is seasonless for formal wear.

It was very rude of your co-worker to say anything to you about your attire. Even if you had on totally inappropriate attire, the only breach of etiquette was the action of your office mate.

To read about various fashion designers use of velvet in their Spring/Summer collections at