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Bladder Infection Frequent Painful Urination

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

About a year ago I had a bladder infection. I have it again and have to go pee a lot, and it is very painful and uncomfortable. Am I doing something wrong to cause this again?



Dear Peeved,

It is not uncommon for women who have had a urinary tract infection (UTI) to get it again later.

Until you can see your doctor, try a nonprescription medication available at your local drugstore to relieve the urgency and pain from the UTI. Although the over-the-counter medication will relieve your urgency and pain, you must still see your doctor in order to get treated for the bladder infection.

Consult with your physician about ways to prevent UTIs. UTIs occur when bacteria enters the bladder via the urethra. Below are some suggestions to prevent future UTIs that you can discuss with your doctor.


1. Drink plenty of water daily. Flushes bacteria out of the urinary system.

2. Drink cranberry juice or take Vitamin C tablets. Acidifies urine, inhibiting bacteria growth.

3. Do not hold your pee. Empty your bladder whenever you feel the need. Holding urine too long and too often may weaken the ability of the bladder to flush out all the urine.

4. Wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from the anal region from entering the urethra.

5. Cleanse daily, and take showers instead of tub baths.

6. Urinate after sexual intercourse. Flushes bacteria from the urethra that may have been introduced during intercourse.

7. Avoid douches and feminine hygiene sprays as they can irritate the urethra.

8. Avoid tight jeans.