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Toe Ring - Which Toe Is Best

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Summer is coming and I was wondering, on which toe should a toe ring be worn and on which foot, the right or left?


Thinking about it

Dear Thinking about it,

A toe ring can be worn on any toe you wish and either foot, or both feet. The most comfortable toe for a ring is the 2nd toe (toe next to the big toe). However, according to ToeJam at, placement is important and the ultimate comfort zone is in the middle of the toe, just after the pad at the top of the toe and before the knuckle.

In addition, properly fit toe rings can be worn year round, not just in summer, and with shoes. ToeJam gives these tips for perfectly fit toe rings:

1. You should not be able to get your toe ring on or off without Windex.

2. There should be approximately 1/4 size play between your skin and the ring. If you cannot spin your toe ring, it is too tight.

3. After wearing your toe ring for a day or so, you should feel like nothing is there.

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