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Tights Textured and Patterned for Any Age

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My daughter bought fishnet stockings and stockings with stripes. I remember wearing these when I was a teenager. Is this trend only for the young or can older women wear them? Should shoes match the stocking color? Is there ever a time when it's not appropriate to wear patterned hosiery?


Tight trend

Dear Tight trend,

Patterned and textured tights are for any age. The best way to wear patterned hosiery is to match the hose with the main color of your outfit. Patterned stockings look best with an outfit that is monochromatic or the outfit has subtle patterns and colors.

For a longer legged look, match the shoe color with the hosiery. If a longer leg is not needed, then the shoe can match a color in the outfit.

Patterned stockings can be worn with skirts or trousers and with any type of shoe from strappy sandals to boots.

Patterned hosiery would not be appropriate for a job interview.