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Tankini Better Than Bikini?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I just turned 30 and have a 2-year-old child. Being a busy working couple, we have not taken our usual yearly vacation. However, this year, we decided our son is old enough to take on a trip. I haven't worn a swimsuit in 2 years! I used to wear a bikini, but feel very uncomfortable in it now. The idea of wearing a one-piece seems frumpy. Is it still appropriate to wear a bikini when I'm 30?


Bikini blues

Dear Bikini blues,

As long as you feel comfortable, it is appropriate to wear any type of swimsuit no matter how old you are. However, since you no longer feel comfortable in a bikini, then it's time to try a new style.

A great alternative to a bikini is the tankini. The tankini is a tank top with a bikini bottom. Tankinis are very flattering and fashionable for any age.