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Suede Stained from Jeans - What to Do

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

The other day I got caught in a downpour, and was wearing my light beige suede shoes and jeans. The blue color from the bottom cuffs of the jeans ran onto the tops of my shoes. I've tried suede cleaner, but the blue stains are still on my shoes. Do you have any suggestions on how I can remove this? Otherwise, I'm afraid the shoes are ruined and I will just chuck them.


Feeling blue

Dear Feeling blue,

Unfortunately, colored stains are difficult to remove. However, the last resort method can be tried if shoes are aniline dyed (dye permeates the leather and not just a surface dye), and the shoes are ruined and you do not plan to wear them unless the blue color is removed.

The last resort method is to spray a stain remover on the stains, and then wash the shoes in the clothes washer. Let the shoes air dry. The shoes will feel stiff, but will soften after a wearing a few times.